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How to Plan the Perfect Kitty Party in 2024

How to Plan the Perfect Kitty Party in 2024

Kitty party is a social gathering primarily organized by women, often held monthly, where the members of a group meet for entertainment, socializing, and mutual financial support. Throwing a successful kitty party involves planning and attention to detail to ensure that all guests have a great time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you host a memorable kitty party:

1. Choose a Theme:

  • Having a theme can make the party more fun and engaging. It could be something like a retro party, a beach theme, Bollywood, or a color-based theme.

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2. Send Invitations:

  • Decide on the date, time, and venue. Send out invitations well in advance. You can use digital invitations or traditional paper ones.

3. Plan the Menu:

  • Decide on the food and drinks. Kitty parties usually have a mix of snacks and beverages. You can have a combination of homemade and ordered items. Ensure there's something for everyone, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

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4. Decorations:

  • Decorate the venue according to the theme. Use balloons, streamers, and other decorations to set the mood. For a golden fruits theme, you could use gold accents in your decor and table settings.

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5. Games and Activities:

  • Plan some fun games and activities. These can include traditional games like tambola (bingo), card games, or any other interactive games that encourage participation and laughter.

6. Music and Entertainment:

  • Prepare a playlist that suits the theme of the party. You can also arrange for some light entertainment like a karaoke session or a dance-off.

7. Dress Code:

  • If your party has a theme, inform your guests about the dress code. This adds an element of fun and excitement.

8. Gifts and Prizes:

  • Arrange small gifts or prizes for the game winners. This adds a competitive edge to the games and makes them more enjoyable.

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9. Photos and Memories:

  • Set up a photo booth or a designated area for taking pictures. This helps in creating memories and adds to the fun.

10. Thank You Notes:

  • After the party, send a thank you note or message to all the attendees for making the party a success.

Sample Schedule for a Kitty Party:

  1. Arrival and Welcome Drinks:

    • Guests arrive and are greeted with welcome drinks and light snacks.
  2. Introduction and Icebreaker:

    • Introduce any new members and have a quick icebreaker game to get everyone comfortable.
  3. Games and Activities:

    • Engage the guests with planned games and activities. Ensure everyone gets a chance to participate.
  4. Food and Socializing:

    • Serve the main course while guests mingle and chat.
  5. More Games or Entertainment:

    • Continue with more games or entertainment, like a dance session or a music performance.
  6. Kitty Collection:

    • Collect the kitty contribution from each member.
  7. Desserts and Closing:

    • Serve desserts and start wrapping up the party with thank you speeches and prize distributions. Buy now:- Dessert Plate
  8. Farewell:

    • Bid farewell to the guests and ensure they have their belongings.


  • Timing: Stick to the planned schedule to keep the party flowing smoothly.
  • Backup Plan: Have a backup plan for games or activities in case something doesn’t go as planned.
  • Comfort: Ensure there are enough seating arrangements and comfort for all guests.


By following these steps, you can host a fun and memorable kitty party that your friends will look forward to attending.

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