5 Handmade gifts for your Valentines



Valentine's Day is all about expressing your love and appreciation for your special someone. And what better way to do that than with a thoughtful gift? Whether you’re looking for something special, unique, or just plain cute, here are the top five products to gift to your valentines this year. From a cozy coffee mug to a romantic dinner set, there’s something here for everyone. Plus, we’ve thrown in some easy evil eye wall hangings and decorations that will spruce up any room and protect your loved once too from negativity and evilness ! So go ahead and show your loved one how much you care with these perfect Valentines gifts!


Never forget to make your partner feel special, comfortable and happy! Show them that they are your number one priority in life and that no one else matters more. After all, it's the little things that count Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your significant other. If you're looking for unique and thoughtful gifts, consider giving ceramics this year. Ceramics are a timeless and classic material that can add a touch of elegance to any home. Here are five ceramics gifts that are sure to make your Valentine's day extra special.

A Couple's Mug Set: - 

The Mug Set is a popular and practical gift for Valentine's Day. The set includes a pair of mugs, designed with coordinating patterns that symbolize love and togetherness. Made of durable and long-lasting ceramic, these mugs are perfect for enjoying hot beverages such as coffee, tea, or cocoa. The mugs are not only functional but also serve as a beautiful and meaningful reminder of your memories with your loved one. Whether used for daily enjoyment or for special occasions, the Mug Set is a gift that will be appreciated and treasured for years to come. So why not surprise your Valentine with a beautiful and functional Mug Set, and enjoy a warm and cozy drink together.



Chequered Heart Jar: - 

The Chequered Heart Jar is a perfect gift for your Valentine. This charming jar features a heart design in a Chequered pattern, making it a great addition to any kitchen or living room. The jar is made from high-quality hand made ceramic and features a tight-fitting lid, making it ideal for storing food items, trinkets or other small items. Whether your Valentine loves to cook, bake or simply loves to keep their home organized, this jar is sure to be appreciated. The unique design of the Chequered Heart Jar makes it a great gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries or any other special occasion. Show your love and appreciation with this beautiful and functional jar.



Ceramic Jar candles: -  

Jar Candles in the scents of Sandalwood & Mogra are a great gift for your Valentine. These candles are made from high-quality, natural ingredients and feature long-lasting fragrances that will fill your home with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Sandalwood scent is warm and woody, making it perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere, while the Mogra scent is sweet and floral, adding a touch of romance to your home. The candles come in beautiful ceramic jars, making them not only functional but also stylish and elegant. Whether your Valentine loves to relax with a good book, take a bath or simply enjoy a candlelit dinner, these candles are sure to be appreciated. Show your love and appreciation this Valentine's Day with these beautiful and fragrant jar candles.



Turtle shape ceramic planter,
"Love Birds": -

 A Really thoughtful and meaningful gift for your Valentine. Firstly, it is a practical and functional gift that allows your Valentine to grow their own indoor garden, with their favorite plants or herbs, adding a touch of nature and freshness to their home. Secondly, the unique turtle shape design of the planter makes it a beautiful and decorative piece that can add character to any room in the home. The ceramic material of the planter is also durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it will be a cherished reminder of your love for many years to come. Thirdly, owning a planter can encourage your Valentine to develop a green thumb and promote a love of nature and the environment. Lastly, the act of caring for a plant can have a calming and therapeutic effect, making it a great gift for anyone who loves to destress. Overall, the "Love Bird" Turtle Shape Ceramic Planter is a combination of practicality and beauty, making it a great gift for your Valentine.



Chequred Hearts - Table for One : -

This beautifully designed Chequered Heart Dinner Set is the perfect gift for your Valentine. With its charming heart design in a Chequered red pattern, this dinner set is not only functional but also stylish, making mealtime a special and romantic experience. The set includes all the essentials for a cozy night in, including a Dinner Plate, Dessert Plate, Curry Bowl, Set of Table Cutlery, Mug, and Jar, all made from high-quality ceramic that is durable and long-lasting. Whether your Valentine loves to cook or simply enjoy a nice meal, this dinner set is sure to make them smile and appreciate your thoughtfulness. So why not surprise your Valentine with this beautiful Chequered Heart Dinner Set, and make every meal a special occasion.




In conclusion, these five ceramic gifts from WeavingHomes.in are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation this Valentine's Day to your special someone. Whether you choose a Chequered Heart Dinner Set, a Love Bird Turtle Shape Ceramic Planter, a Jar Candle, a Mug Set, or a Chequered Heart Jar, each gift provides a unique combination of practicality and beauty that is sure to please. It's important to choose a gift that speaks to your Valentine's tastes and interests, and to include a thoughtful note to let them know how much they mean to you. With these beautiful and functional ceramic gifts, you can make this Valentine's Day one that they will never forget.

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